About Monitorstat

Information System Monitorstat was developed in the framework of project ‘Development of statistical database and information system for monitoring of European and national strategies and regional policies’, implemented with the financial support of Operational Programme ‘Good government’ 2014 - 2020, funded by EU through the European Social Fund.




Information System Monitorstat is based on statistical data from the surveys carried out by the National Statistical Institute, other bodies of the National Statistical System and governmental institutions responsible for data collection needed for monitoring of different strategies and programmes.




The system is centralized, web-based with two main modules providing access to indicators and metadata from statistical surveys for national, European and international strategies and operational programmes of EU for the period 2014 - 2020.




Information System Monitostat provides input for:




  • Processes of improvement of strategic planning, monitoring of the implementation of national, European and international strategies and for taking decisions for implementation of policies through the development of a statistical framework, procedures and system for data collection;


  • Current monitoring of the Result indicators of the Operational Programmes for 2014 - 2020 period;


  • Achievement of strategic goals for e-governance and sustainability of the data provided by NSI for assessment of the implementation of the  national, European and international strategies and programmes;




  • Increase of the administrative capacity of the public sector
  • Development of e-governance;
  • Reducing the circulation of hard copies of documents (paper) which will have an effect on the environmental protection

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