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FalseP1220Permanent unemployed participants (25 - 29 г. including) with basic or lower education,who, when leaving the operation, are engaged in education / training, or who are qualified or have a job, including as self-employed personsMA
FalseP41Submitted project proposals 
FalseP42Share of the costs verified by the MA compared to those reported by the beneficiaries 
FalseНОИР P112P112 Public R & D expenditure (GOVERD plus HERD) financed by enterprises as% of GDPNSI
FalseНОИР P2112P2112 Share of pedagogical specialists from those included in OP activities that have acquired additional qualification to apply modern assessment methodsMA
FalseНОИР Р111Р111 Scientific publications among the 10% most cited in the world as a percentage of all scientific publications in the countryEIS
FalseНОИР Р121Р121 International scientific joint publications of 1 million populationEIS
FalseНОИР Р2113Р2113 Share of schools and kindergartens involved in OP activities, introducing innovative teaching methods, developed under the OP,through the use of modern ICTMA
FalseНОИР Р2121Р2121 Reducing the share of early school leavers (ESL) of those aged between 18 and 24 included in OP activitiesUMIS
FalseНОИР Р2126Р2126 Share of schools offering activities to increase motivation for learning by developing specific knowledge, skills and competenciesMA
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