Censuses in Bulgaria at the Lovers’ Bridge

On September 7, 2021, the 18th census of the population and dwelling stock in Bulgaria begins. On the eve of the most comprehensive statistical survey, the National Statistical Institute and Sofia Municipality in partnership with the Archives State Agency are organizing an exhibition at the Lovers’ Bridge near the National Palace of Culture, which will present historical and contemporary data from all censuses in the country. Sofia residents and guests of the capital will be able to view the posters from August 23 to September 6.

30 panels in both Bulgarian and English will reveal the huge wealth of demographic and socio-economic data that national statistics have collected over the course of the censuses. The population of Bulgaria, how many men and women, what is the number of households, in what dwellings and under what conditions Bulgarians live, what are their professions, educational level and economic activity, how many centenarians are there in Bulgaria - these and many more interesting facts are told by the infographics, which the National Statistical Institute has prepared in order to acquaint all curious citizens with the life of the Bulgarian society from 1880 to the present day. For the visualization of the data, modern graphic and artistic means are used, which present the information in an accessible and original way and facilitate its perception.

Every Bulgarian who provided his data in good faith in the XIX, XX and XXI centuries has entered the history of the censuses. The summarized information has contributed to the development of appropriate governing policies and effective decision-making by state and local authorities. It has also supported the academic community in analyzing and forecasting the country’s development, it has guided the non-governmental sector in implementing various civic initiatives and has represented us as a state before the international community.

Over the past century, censuses have most accurately measured changes in the lives of Bulgarians and their well-being. That is why the participation of the citizens in the 18th census of the population and dwelling stock is of special importance even today. To emphasize the need for personal commitment, we have chosen the slogan ‘Be part of it, you count!’

Welcome to the exhibition and take part in Census 2021!

Remember to comply with all health measures and social distancing! Protect yourselves and the others!