National strategies

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FalseEnergy strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria till 2020 for reliable, efficient and cleaner energyЕСРБ
FalseNational Health Strategy 2020НЗС
FalseNational program for development: Bulgaria 2020НПРБГ 2020
FalseNational Strategy for demographic development of the Republic of Bulgaria 2012-2030АНСДРН
FalseNational Strategy for Lifelong Learning for the Period 2014-2020НСУПЦЖ
FalseNational strategy for poverty reduction and promotion of social inclusion 2030НБНСВ
FalseNational strategy for promoting equality of men and women 2016-2020НСНРМЖ 2020
FalseNational Strategy for Regional Development (NSRF) of the Republic of Bulgaria of the period 2012-2022НСРР
FalseUpdated Employment Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria 2013-2020АСЗ
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